Critics Association of Central Florida


Committee Members

JoshuaSpokesperson: Joshua Ryan
Twitter: @MrMovieGuy86

SeanPoll Officer: Sean Boelman
Twitter: @bigtunaonfilm

AdamTalent Scout: Adam Sirdoreus
Publications: |
Twitter: @adam_notsandler

BillyWebmaster: Billy Joynt
Twitter: @BillyJ92

Members (Alphabetical)

Dan Skip Allen
Publications: |

Jonathan Berkenfield
Twitter: @berkreviews

Adam Donato
Twitter: @adamryan03

Camden Ferrell

Alan French
Publications: | |
Twitter: @TheAlanFrench

Jerry Houston
Publication: PRIDE Radio on iHeartRadio (106.7-HD2 locally and HD Radio stations nationwide)
Twitter: @radiohouston

Gabe Litvack
Publication: The Cinema Schmucks

EJ Moreno
Publication: | EJ Moreno (YouTube)
Twitter: @EJKhryst

Brian Susbielles
Twitter: @bsusbielles

The Critics Association of Central Florida (CACF) is an organization of critics based in or around the Central Florida area with a passion for cinema, both as a medium of entertainment and as artistic expression. The CACF is comprised of working film and television critics whom regularly contribute critiques through print, radio, television, podcast, online or other relevant means. 

This association exists with the purpose of recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements in filmmaking, both nationally and internationally, with a focus on films that share a direct connection with the Central Florida area.

CACF 2021 Awards Full List: HERE

CACF Best Picture